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How do we honor a person's last wishes?

Carol Drebin Speaker Writer Consultant

Carol Drebin speaks on the topic of final plans: burial or cremation? Funeral or memorial?

Why is it important to talk about this now? 

How do families make informed decisions at time of need?  Can you be certain your wishes will be carried out? Do you have an Advance Directive? A letter of intent? Are your documents stored safely and available when needed?

What should you know about making final plans for a loved one or friend? How can you help others?


Cremation is an increasingly popular option in the United States.

People choose cremation for many reasons, but it may not be a good choice for some people. If there is family involved in the decision, there may be disagreement. Regardless of disposition, it is important for survivors to celebrate the life and mark a person's passing.


Burial has been the traditional method of disposition. Now there is growing interest in Green Burial.

Viewings in a chapel, services in a house of worship or at graveside - there are many ways to create positive memories, comfort, and closure for survivors. Cemeteries offer a place to reflect well into the future. Green burials are conducted in the most natural settings possible.